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Our programs are designed to provide a safe, nurturing, consistent and challenging environment for children and their families. Our setting provides children the opportunity to learn by hands on, interactive exploration.


Through ongoing professional development for our staff, they stay abreast with current needs and development as it pertains to children and their families.


We work together with parents and the community to ensure that children have a strong foundation for a life long 

learning experience.


Our program seeks to:


1. Provide an environment that is inclusive thereby embracing the needs of all children


2. Encourage positive self-esteem in children that will provide a framework of success that can be utilized in life experiences


3. Promote diversity by encouraging respect for cultures and an anti-bias curriculum


4. Encourage development of social skills


5. Provide opportunities for the development of large and fine motor skills


6.Encourage the development of literacy and language and multi-lingual skills


7. Provide an environment that promotes the creativity and individuality of each child


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