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Infant Program


In the Infant room,the interaction between the teachers and the babies is paramount. These interactions are thoughtful and affectionate which helps the baby to develop trust. The teachers encourage the infants to crawl, walk, talk and engage in activities that will develop their senses.

The environment is engaging, nurturing and safe.

Toddler Program


Toddlers are very curious and very energetic. Learning activities in the toddler classroom are geared towards these characteristics. Activities that will engage their curiosity, help them to develop a love for learning and socializing are incorporated into the daily schedule.  The teachers promote self- help skills which supports the development of the children. Many activities at this age level are child inspired and teacher directed. Although we know that every child learns at their own pace, we support the individual need of the child and at the same time, help them to acquire new and different skills.


Preschool/ Pre-K Program


The Preschool and Pre-K program adopts a hands- on approach. The main focus is to ensure that the child is ready for school. The teachers assess the need of each child and address them to ensure school readiness. The teachers work with the children in small groups, whole groups and one-on-one as the need arises. 

The activities in the Preschool and Pre-K classrooms promotes reading, writing and math skills. Knowledge of age appropriate art, science and social studies will also be learned. Activities that will help children develop problem solving and decision making skills are incorporated on a daily basis. We utilize the Creative Curriculum® System for Preschool.



We have a team of dedicated teachers who are passionate about children and the families they serve. Our teachers are trained to provide high quality education in a safe, warm and nurturing environment. Our teachers document observations on each child and follow up on the observations to ensure that every child reaches their fullest potential.


Parent Partnership


We understand that the parent is a child’s first teacher. We also realize that education is a partnership between the parents and the school. We value the relationships we have with our families and we explore ways to strengthen the relationship. We work together with parents and the community to ensure that children have a strong foundation for a life-long learning experience.


We have an open-door policy which allows parents to come to the center  anytime.

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