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Times have changed and so have you.


Child on Tablet

As we evolve as a nation into uncharted territory, at Abundant Life, we are are committed to doing our part to make the transition sustainable for families in our radius. 

We know moms and dads have to provide for their families and online school presents itself as an obstacle but we are here to assist you with your child(ren) so you can continue to focus on providing.

Educational Supervision Support, (ESS) is a program we specially created which caters

to families with

elementary age children who will be attending school online this fall.


We have a dedicated group of teachers who are passionate about education. Our teachers will be supervising and supporting your child(ren) through out their school day. They will assist with classwork, projects, questions, technology set up and anything else needed to ensure the success of your child's 2020-2021 virtual learning.

Your child will be greeted by Ms. Socoro as morning pleasantries are exchanged, temperatures will be taken. Ms. Socoro is full of jokes so smiles start right from the door! Our smiles are hiding under the mask but she has mastered the art of smiling with her eyes also known as "smizing".

Depending on the time of your arrival, breakfast would be next on the agenda. We have partnered with the state of NJ to provide free breakfast, lunch and snack for all families.

We take the safety of everyone that enters are center seriously. We are working with the NJ health department to make sure we go above all the required sanitary measures. Our teachers are required to wear mask. We advise the same level of safety for each child however it is not required. We are in the process of installing touch-less hand sanitizing stations, soap dispensers and faucets. 

We ensure that everyone washes their hands as needed. We have child friendly posters in the bathroom to help ensure children are washing their hands correctly. 

We also require our team to wear booties. Temperature are taken every morning.

We spend the last hour of the day sanitizing each classroom to ensure it is ready for the next school day.

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