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Children develop mathematical concepts from an early age. Infant teachers provide activities that enhance basic mathematical concepts using materials in the classroom. 

Also as infants explore the space in their classroom environment, they learn basic math concepts. Below are some of the math activities the infant teachers will engage your

child in.

Playing with soft blocks which leads to an understanding of shapes 


Teachers use feeding time as a teachable moment for infants to understand the concepts of more, less and too much 


Measuring utensils are also added to water table activities 


Teachers create a daily routine for Infants thereby helping the child understand the concept of time as children expect an activity

Studies have shown that children excel in language later in life if, as infants, caretakers read, talk and sing to them. Infants are also able to explore language by the visual stimulation provided in age appropriate picture and texture books. Infants have an innate ability to communicate. These language skills are constantly being encouraged by the infant teachers through various activities during the day. Below are some of the language activities the infant teachers will engage your child in.

Reading to infants 


Talking to infants 


Singing to infants 


Allowing infants to explore picture and textured books



Children love to explore the world using their senses. Engaging in art activities affords them the opportunity to do this. Below are some of the art activities the infant teachers will engage your child in.

Finger painting


Painting with sponges 


Painting with different types of materials 


Playing with musical instruments like rattles and shakes 


Listening to songs and music 


Dancing to various types of beats


Playing with puppets Playing games

Infants are born with a natural curiosity and a desire to explore. Teachers provide an environment that would engage their curiosity and satisfy the desire to explore. Below are some of the science activities the infant teachers will engage your child in.


Exploring toys with different textures and sound 


Playing games like peak-a-boo 


Filling plastic container with toys and dumping the toys 


Playing with plastic animals 


Giving children opportunities to explore with all their senses



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