Painting using crayons


Dancing to different rhythms


Playing with musical instruments



Toddlers are introduced to art music and movement. Art gives toddlers the opportunity to make decisions think about their actions and see the effect of their actions. The teachers encourage the creativity of each child by encouraging the child to create individualized pieces of art work. Below are some of the art activities the toddler teachers will engage your child in.

Toddlers have a natural sense of curiosity. They observe and response to the environment. Teachers build on this natural characteristic - for example they ask open ended questions that will develop the inquisitive nature of the child. Below are some of the science activities the toddler teachers will engage your child in.



Using shape sorters


Building and balancing  blocks


Water table play like filling containers and dumping them


Teachers asking open ended questions

Manipulating soft blocks


Manipulating stacking toys


Singing math songs like ‘Ten little



Math talk with Toddlers e.g. “You have

two eyes and one mouth”




Using math concepts like

‘more’ ‘less’ ‘long’ and ‘heavy’


Sorting toys by colors shapes and size

When children manipulate toys with different shapes and sizes they can learn basic math concepts with the support of the teacher. Toddlers also learn basic math concepts like big and more as they interact with the teachers. Below are some of the math activities the toddler teachers will engage your child in.

Group songs


Exploring books

Listening to read aloud books

Talking to teachers and friends

Finger play

Using crayons

Manipulating playdough

Puzzle activities



Language development soars at the toddler level. Toddlers learn many new words and with the encouragement of the teachers, they begin to form simple sentences. Also by providing an environment that is rich in language the children’s literacy skills are enhanced. Below are some of the language activities the toddler teachers will engage your child in. 

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